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Our Goal:

Our goal is to provide long-life, high-quality roofing products that will stand up against any climate. 

We have combined the strength of *Galvalume steel with the durability of stone to create a great alternative to traditional roof products. 

The unique stone-coated surface of our roof panels provides both a decorative and durable finish to the roof. 

All steel rock panels are truly lightweight at only 1.5lbs./sq ft., offer Class-A fire resistance and Class-4 hail impact resistance, 

as well as high wind performance. To the right you can access a more detailed description of our three current profiles; 

the traditional low-profile tile design – steel rock's pacfic tile, 

a deep wood grained shake panel that suits virtually any architecture – steel rock's pacfic shake HD,

and our newest profile that emulates the traditional barrel style tiles, 

but weighs only 1.5 lbs./sq ft - SteelROCK's PACIFIC VILLA-TILE® 

Make a statement without saying a word.

Our Vision:

Our Company's vision is to provide innovative, high quality roofing systems which everyone aspires to have on their home.