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    Abstract: Alexander Qingdao campus museums, libraries, gymnasiums engineering accelerating, have achieved substantial progress, entered the construction stage of implementation. Building construction process, construction workers using BIM technology to solve problems, to ensure the construction progress.

    May 13, Phoenix Qingdao from Qingdao Urban and Rural Construction Committee was informed that the recent Shandong University and the municipal government's strong support, Alexander Qingdao campus museum, library, gymnasium project (hereinafter referred to as the "three Hall Project") to accelerate, have made substantial progress, entered the construction stage of implementation. In support of Alexander Qingdao campus construction, the "three Hall Project" by the city's financial investment, Urban and Rural Construction Committee Construction Works is responsible for the construction, after the completion of the open society, become three Grand Qingdao campus culture card.

    In the "three Hall project" work, city leaders attach great importance to Shandong University and various functional departments of the strong support and cooperation, Urban and Rural Construction Committee of the main leaders and leaders in charge of scheduling the scene forward, building Works Duocuobingju, clutching the implementation of the project construction benefit significantly.

    First, efforts to optimize the design, design review experts invited, together with all participating units, the implementation of the project construction plans, deep excavation and other important design node federation trial system, and the use of BIM technology to simulate the collision pipeline construction, greatly improving the design feasible sex; Second, strict quality and safety, through the establishment of a professional team, and improve various rules and regulations, practice safety initiatives such as the construction of civilization, to establish a complete set of strict quality control and security system, the quality and safety responsibilities to the various types of work, the posts for the project construction put up a reliable barrier; Third, the implementation of green building standards, actively implement the green philosophy, widely used ground source heat pump, water recycling and solar technology, and strive to "three Hall project "to create a truly green project.

    Currently, museums, libraries ongoing excavation construction, construction is expected to be completed by the end of 2016, the preliminary design of the stadium is nearing completion, plans to start construction this year.